What We’re Up To

For those of you wishing to get more involved with the Labor Movement, there is an upcoming opportunity Saturday, August 17th here in Fayetteville.  For more information click here.


A  funny thing happened on the way to elections.  Funny in that it was the oddest thing I've ever seen since I've been here at AFGE.  Every position, with the exception of the Schools Vice President, was won by acclamation.  All this means is that those positions only had one nominee.  To read more from the Election Committee Chairman, Mr. John Roark,  click the link below.

Election Advisory Notice 2


It's election time again.  Time for you to decide the way forward for AFGE Local 1770.

Candidate nominations will be at the Union Hall, located at 2655 Reilly Road, on 7 May 2019 @1630.  The election of officers will be held on 21 May 2019 from 0600-1800 at the Union Hall.

For more information follow the below link:




As a part of our continuing community outreach, AFGE Local 1770 is participating in the annual St. Jude's telethon. We will be assisting with the phone bank. The telethon is 28-29 March from 0545-1900. If you would like to be a part of this great cause, contact Kurt Rhodes at 910.797.7994 for more information.