Just to give you an update on some of our current arbitrations.   Currently we have an upcoming arbitration for the wrongful removal of a Physician Assistant from somewhere within the WAMC footprint.  Depending on the results of this case, there is the potential for far reaching consequences for all our providers.   

We are arbitrating multiple performance evaluations from across the installation.  We are extremely busy this time of year with DPMAP.  If you don’t have a copy of the DPMAP MOA, I highly encourage you to get a copy.  You can access a copy from our website, just look under the Contracts/Agreements tab. 

We are still working the Adverse Weather issue.  WAMC has a new term it likes to use, COPS.  This stands for continuing/continuity operations.  Just so you know a COPS event would be something like a terrorist attack or a plane crashing on Green Ramp, NOT ice and snow. 

Another hot item is the improper coding of PD’s as drug testing positions.  As government employees we are subject to Federal law, regardless of what may be legal in that state. 

As usual, there are several cases involving non-payment of overtime and retention bonuses which we will continue to aggressively pursue.  Those are the highlights.  Stay tuned for updates and more information.